Aloha, chances are you saw me at a craft fair or under the Banyon Tree in Lahaina and maybe purchased some of my work. A big mahalo to the supporters who have allowed me to pursue my passion and develop my talent.

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I'm going to share my secrets on how to take a good photo. Just some of
the key ingredients and recipe for composing the shot.

1) Focus subject matter... This is the ultimate rule. You can crop, you
can add light, you can darken, but you can't make a blurry object crisp.
And if you can, it'll take way too much time and effort, and I don't even
know if that is possible yet.

2) Lighting.. if you combine this with a focused shot, already you have a picture
that can sell. Use your imagination. If the picture looks like what you saw in person then chances are, it will have a relatability factor with the crowd.

3) Proximity - Avoid distracting backgrounds. Avoid telephone wires, avoid cars,
and try to get close to the subject. (Not always, just a rule I like of course)

4) Straightness! Keep your horizon Straight! Our eyes like a 180 degree
shot on the horizon. (of course artsy fartsy pics dont need to follow this)

5) Focus again.. I can't even think of anymore.. Just focus, focus focus.
everyone asks me why or how I get my pics so focused.. So I know this
has a huge appeal, and it is what is going through my mind when I shoot.
I can't even emphasize the disappointment when I get home and find out
a great or awesome shot turns out to be slightly blurred. So take a ton of
pics to get that one!
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